With Leather’s Watch This: Chillax, Bryce Harper Is Still Just A Young Fella

05.22.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

Ouchtown, Population: Bryce Harper. The Washington Nationals should not, according to closer Rafael Soriano and most people with working eyeballs, have lost their fourth game in a row to drop their record to .500 last night. They should not have blown their ninth-inning lead and allowed a triple to Gregor Blanco, but they did because 20-year old phenom Bryce Harper caught a case of alligator arms and turtle defense near the wall.

Soriano didn’t quite appreciate that either.

“It may not have been a catch-able ball, but if we’re positioned the right way, there might have been a different outcome. With two outs, I could tell my four-year-old son, ‘You know where you need to play,’ and he would have positioned himself better. It’s not an excuse, and I’m not speaking badly about anybody, but I think that’s how you play the game.” (Via USA Today)

Um, yeah dude, you are speaking badly about Harper. You’re saying your four-year old could make a play that he didn’t. So have fun backing off of that one later and make sure to buy the guy’s dinner when he hits a few walk-off shots this season. Meanwhile, the Brewers should sign his son and make him prove it.

NBA Playoffs

Game 1: Pacers at Heat – 8:30 PM ET on TNT

Are we sure? Have the Heat players had enough rest? Should they wait for the Western Conference Finals to finish first before they begin this series? Maybe we should take a few more days off just so it’s an even number. It’s not like people want to watch consistent playoff basketball every other night anyway. That would be too difficult to implement anyway.

NHL Playoffs

Game 4: Penguins at Senators

I’ve probably watched 1/3 as much playoff hockey as I have playoff basketball, and I can still say with confidence that the NHL is kicking the NBA’s ass in terms of quality. Too bad nobody really knows it.


Cubs at Pirates – 7 PM ET on WGN

Yankees at Orioles – 7 PM ET on ESPN

If only I had my very own MLB lifetime pass, I could go to either of these games… make it happen, Bud Selig.

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