With Leather's Watch This: Some College Football Fans Are Pretty Stupid

Back when I was in college and running the student newspaper, the UCF football team went on a hilariously humiliating 17-game losing streak that included a breathtaking 0-11 season. Game attendance was in the toilet and the crowds were nothing more than drunken messes of frat boys and homeless people trying to get free food. Needless to say, a win was a luxury at that point.

So it wasn’t all that surprising that when UCF defeated Marshall to break the losing streak that fans decided to rush the field and tear down the goalposts. I was on the sidelines as fans were pressing up against the rails. Friends yelled to me to ask if they’d get Tazed for going on the field, and the cops I spoke with laughed and said no because they were outmanned and not in the mood to get trampled. When the game clock expired, fans started leaping over the rails.

I watched as body after body was slung over the bars, and I witnessed three different guys snap their legs on the concrete as they dropped like sacks of soil. It was both terrifying and hilarious, but since that day I’ve never understood why people rush the field. And on Saturday it happened three times. In one game.

NCAA Football: BYU at Utah (from Saturday) – 9:30 PM ET on ESPNU

I wouldn’t recommend watching this game in its entirety, because it wasn’t all that exciting. But the ending was remarkable. Here, let me just save us all some time.

Crazy kids and their premature celebrations that almost cost their team a victory.

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Minor League Baseball: AAA Championship – 7 PM ET on NBC Sports

The Reno Aces take on the Pawtucket Red Sox tonight in the PCL Championship tonight in North Carolina. Tune in to watch the future stars of the Red Sox – assuming they haven’t all been called up – take on tomorrow’s big names of the Arizona Diamondbacks. And then let me know what happens because I’ll be watching something else.

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NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Michigan (2009) – 5 PM ET on ESPN Classic

Spoiler alert: Michigan wins 38-34 and Rich Rodriguez thinks he has job security.

WNBA: New York Liberty at San Antonio Spurettes – 8 PM ET on ESPN 2

Wait, they’re not the Spurettes? Then what the hell are they? No one may ever know.

MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels – 10:05 PM ET on MLB (Regional)

As we still have two exciting Wild Card races going on, columnists are starting their run of “This second Wild Card spot is bad for baseball because an 80-win team can make the playoffs now” editorial pieces, and they’re right. But don’t tell them that they’re right because they’ll get all egotistical about it.