With Leather’s Watch This: Poor Leafs Fans

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05.15.13 7 Comments

In case you missed it, Toronto Maple Leafs fans had their hearts ripped out of their chests on Monday night, as Leafs goalie James Reimer probably caused quite a few awkward exchanges between his wife, April, and Elisha Cuthbert. After the Leafs jumped out to a seemingly insurmountable 4-1 lead in the 3rd period, Reimer allowed the Boston Bruins to score 3 goals in 10 minutes to send Game 7 into overtime.

Then, the unthinkable happened, as Patrice Bergeron, the man who scored the game-tying goal with less than one minute to go in regulation, scored the game-winning goal, crushing Leafs fans’ spirits and sending them into another offseason of sports fan misery.

Alas, that didn’t stop Penguins fans from having fun with Leafs fans, like in the image above. Go ahead and open the box after the jump.

So cruel, Bruins fans. Wait, what’s that? One more? Okay.

NHL Playoffs

Game 1: Red Wings at Blackhawks

Need a TV to watch the rest of the playoffs on? Try this one. Although, it might need some repairs.

NBA Playoffs

Game 5: Bulls at Heat – 7 PM ET on TNT

Game 5: Grizzlies at Thunger – 9:30 PM ET on TNT

If Miami and Memphis both win tonight, we won’t have any playoff basketball on Friday. Seeing as the Heat are most likely going to win, it’s up to the Thunder to make sure the Grizzlies hold off for one more night so Friday isn’t boring. Think of the fans, won’t you, Z-Bo?

MLB: Red Sox at Rays – 7 PM ET on ESPN

I found my new plate approach music for when I eventually become a Major League Baseball player.

This song is amazing. Forget the sexy dancing girl who looks like even she can’t believe that video is being made. The song… it’s… it’s mesmerizing.

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