With Leather’s Watch This: Russia Gets MMA

So, if this MMA show from Russia is something that is actually happening, I’d say we’re roughly five or maybe six years away from The Running Man becoming an actual TV show. And I, for one, think it’s about time. There are a lot of prisoners out there who deserve a second chance as our jails are wildly overcrowded, so if they can get past Dynamo, Subzero, Buzzsaw and Captain Freedom, then I say they deserve a shot at life outside of captivity.

Of course, they have to live in Canada, but either way I think this show has real staying power.

MLB: Reds at Phillies – 7 PM ET on ESPN

Two weeks ago, the Cardinals lost to the Diamondbacks 10-9 in the 16th inning. This was the third game of the season, yet there I was, glued to my iPad at 2 AM, my eyes on the verge of bleeding from my overall physical exhaustion as I had to be up in mere hours to repeat another day of being awesome. I think I take baseball too seriously, you guys. Like, I’m too “classier and more intelligent than other baseball fans” for my own good. Someone save me from myself.

NCAA Softball: Virginia at FSU – 7 PM ET on ESPNU

Love me some college softball. Not enough to watch on TV, though.

WWE Monday Night Raw – 8 PM ET on USA

I watched last week’s RAW, free of you scoundrels in your live chatteries, and I realized that was stupid because I had so many observations to make, like, “Why was John Cena acting like the crowd wouldn’t stop cheering for him when they never actually started?” and “Should we feel bad that the Rock tore his muscles or remind him that he’s going to earn about $100 million this year so his bills should be paid for?” Maybe they’ll answer those questions tonight.

WNBA Draft – 9 PM ET on ESPNU

Make sure to RSVP for my watch party by no later than 7 PM ET. My band will be debuting.

(H/T to HyperVocal for the Russia video)