With Leather’s Watch This: Check Out Raw While The Macho Man Punishes You

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02.18.13 12 Comments

I’ve been watching this GIF all day. It’s the closest that most of us will ever come to having the “Macho Man” Randy Savage drop an elbow on us. That is, until I prove my theory that he’s living in a cottage in Jamaica with Tupac and Jonathan Brandis. The Illuminati can try and hide them all they want, but I know how it really works. They did the same thing with Eddie Wilson, but he came back and led the Cruisers to glory once more.

Meanwhile, in pop culture references that more than 3 people will understand…

WWE Monday Night Raw – 8 PM ET on USA

If Vince McMahon wanted to have the biggest ratings in the history of not only the WWF/WWE but also television itself, he would just show that Macho Man GIF for three hours. Or maybe for, like, an hour and a half and then they could show this GIF for the other hour and a half:

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Pittsburgh – 7 PM ET on ESPN

NCAA Basketball: Norfolk State at Hampton – 7 PM ET on ESPN U

NCAA Basketball: Hofstra at Drexel – 7 PM on NBC Sports

NCAA Basketball: Rutgers at Villanova – 9 PM ET on ESPN U

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Connecticut – 9 PM ET on ESPN 2

NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Kansas State – 9 PM ET on ESPN

I’m not going to watch any sports tonight, because I’m going to be supporting the fine arts by donating $12 to my local movie theatre for a viewing of A Good Day to Die Hard. I hear great things.

But if I make it home in time, I’ll tune into that West Virginia game because I saw this picture earlier today:

I want to know why she’s so sad.

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