With Spandex Episode 1: Rachel Summerlyn

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04.13.12 78 Comments

After something like four months of vague promising, I’m happy to present to you episode one of With Leather’s brand new pro wrestling podcast, the appropriately named “With Spandex”.

If you’re a fan of the Best And Worst Of WWE Raw column, give this a listen. Every week I’ll going to be talking to a performer, writer or personality from THIS BUSINESS~, and this week I’m lucky enough to debut the show with Austin, Texas, and Anarchy Championship Wrestling’s own Rachel Summerlyn. She’s the blonde with another guy’s blood in her hair in the banner image. Yes, she is that awesome.

Check out episode one of the program below, with some helpful visual aids regarding what we’re talking about to follow. I want you to treat this just like the Raw column — I want to see your comments, Facebook likes, tweets and shares. I also want to see you at Anarchy’s show on Sunday, but we’ll get to that later.


Direct download available here: With Spandex Episode 1 – Rachel Summerlyn


1a) Rachel Summerlyn as she normally appears, not relieving someone of the entirety of their blood.
1b) This is the sweater she owns because David Otunga is awesome. (pic via Twitter)

2) The Yoga Pants Party tag team match, featuring Rachel, ACH and a hell of a lot of yoga pants.

3) The Rachel Summerlyn vs. Scot Summers match referenced in both the podcast and banner image, wherein she graphically near-murders a guy for real.

4) To find out more about Rachel and ACW, visit AnarchyChampionshipWrestling.com and follow her directly on Twitter to sorta right that wrong of me having more Twitter followers than her. What the hell, Internet?

5) The Daniel Bryan song that opened the podcast in its entirety. Thanks for letting me share your music, Dilemma Crank. Check out more of his stuff here.

6) “Don’t Step To Ron” used flagrantly without permission. Please don’t sue me, WCW!

7) Please visit Wear The Cheese Dot Com and thank them for making this podcast possible with your traffic.

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