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A neighbor of the parents of Loleini Tonga witnessed the altercation between Tonga and her late fiance, former Bengals wideout Chris Henry.

Tonga’s neighbor, Lee Hardy, was perched on a 15-foot ladder cutting back some trees when he saw the yellow pickup “zooming” up the Tongas’ gravel driveway just a few yards away. Hardy said a shirtless black man clung to the top and side of the truck while standing in the bed, begging her to stop the vehicle.

“He was banging on the top, on the doors, screaming at the lady, ‘We need to talk,’” Hardy said. “He said, ‘If you take off, I’m going to jump off the truck and kill myself.’–Cincinnati Enquirer, via Mark Maske.

Chris Henry was later found motionless in a street and pronounced dead yesterday morning. The Bengals went to practice yesterday, carrying out business as usual. Chad Ochocinco wore Henry’s jersey to practice yesterday. Jeez, Chad. Why don’t you grab his wallet and drive around in his car while you’re at it? I’m sure that that’s just Chad’s way of grieving–calling attention to himself. It’s his way of doing a lot of things.

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