02.19.09 9 years ago 15 Comments

Reversing course on what seemed like a done deal with the Braves, Ken Griffey Jr instead opted to return to the Seattle Mariners, signing a one-year deal worth everything in the world to me $2 million, plus incentives.

It’s important that we few Seattle fans celebrate this signing not just with nostalgia, but with spite and vengeance.  To wit: IN YOUR FACE ATLANTA!!!  What were those assholes trying to do, anyway?  Griffey is an oft-injured 39-year-old who’s a liability in the field — he’s not exactly the missing component from a team that needs just one more piece to be a contender.  But dammit, he’s SEATTLE’S oft-injured 39-year-old defensive liability.  And those Atlanta assholes tried to ruin it.

Man, this really couldn’t have worked out any better.  I get to celebrate the return of Junior to an M’s uniform AND I get to hate something new.  Suck it, Braves.

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