The World’s Most Intense Human Did A 495-Pound Deadlift While Wearing Rollerblades

Look at god. No, I do not mean that this person is the god of a monotheistic religion or anything, I mean this person literally looks like Thor. He is jacked with flowing blonde hair. I don’t know much about Norse mythology, but I know that every person who has ever been described as Thor looks like this.

Anyway, this guy is named Jon Call. Ol’ Jon is built like a brick you-know-what house and wanted to show off his mad skillz as a weightlifter. But just doing a deadlift is too easy, so he decided to up the level by throwing on a pair of rollerblades and picking up 495 pounds of steel a few times. Sure, why not, that’s a totally normal thing for a person to do and not completely got dang insane.

Our dude’s balance on a pair of rollerblades is super impressive, as is his ability to spin around a few times before his lift. Of course, the fact that he deadlifts this weight three times while staying balanced is kind of amazing, as is the fact that he looked like he stayed upright as he was skating away even though he didn’t look comfortable at all. But he pulls it off, because he is Attacking this lift with Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind.

Also: this is the most intense thing that has prominently featured Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” since Zoolander. I do supposed this guy kind of looks like a souped up version of Owen Wilson, so that kind of makes sense.

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