Dogecoin Is Looking To Sponsor Bellator Fighter Austin Lyons

Earlier this year, Burnsy shared the story of reddit-based crypto-currency group Dogecoin helping fund the Jamaican bobsled team’s trip to the Sochi Olympics. Now the group has set their sights on former The Ultimate Fighter contestant and current Bellator hopeful, Austin Lyons (Wait, Dogecoin is sponsoring a dude named lions? I think this means we are currently in a state of mass hysteria).

Lyons is currently 10-3, with an impressive 70% submission rate. He is looking to fight on Bellator’s inaugural pay-per-view card (Unless someone gets hurt a week out and Bjorn Rebney cries while changing it to a free card again) on May 17th, in his backyard of Memphis, Tennessee. As a low-level mixed martial artist, Lyons will probably spend more on training than what he receives from Bellator as a fight purse. That’s where sponsors come in, and it turns out that a guy that trains with Austin in Memphis is big into Dogecoin. I’ll let reddit user smurge take it away:

I have a good friend who is the main headline event on Spike T.V. for Bellators first ever PPV event. The fight is may 17th and he is looking for sponsors. I told him that he only needs one sponsor and that is Dogecoin.

The idea I have is to sponsor him 100% . He would have the dogecoin logo on his banner, his shorts, entry gear etc. This is going to be televised to millions on May17th.

I will supply all details, contracts, etc.. to help make this happen. I have all the proof and more. Let me know..this is going to be a huge event.

How do we make this happen? Are we truly serious about getting Doge to the moon? If so this will get us in front of 1 million+ people, live, across the United States and world!

I never knew it before, but now, I basically need to see a fighter step into the cage covered head to toe in Doge and only Doge. My only issue is that I feel due to the theme song, Doge would be more at home in Super Fight League (Such punch, much kick, so wow).

Good luck to the crazy kids at Dogecoin, hopefully they can get authorized to sponsor Lyons and he spreads the word of Doge to the masses.