04.06.09 9 years ago 11 Comments

It’s odd and perhaps pointless to point this out here, since WWE has recently been a sports entertainment event that’s been clearly more about making itself more sports than entertainment. And yet some people think they’re still being clever when they point out the fact that the matches are largely scripted and its winners are pretermined before anyone even enters the ring. Nobody saw Star Wars called it a “fake spaceship” movie. See photos here, There’s a running diary of the event here, Rumors and Rants did a less intensive recap here, and Mickey Rourke’s appearance can be watched here.

I didn’t watch it, so I have no opinion of it, except that I respect the way those guys make a living. It’s a lot tougher than sitting on one’s couch and making failed attempts at humor on a laptop 8 hours a day. But then again, so is…everything.

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