03.07.07 11 years ago 6 Comments

Wright State won the Horizon League tournament by beating heavily-favored Butler 60-55 last night as DaShaun Wood carried the Raiders to victory.

I hope that sentence makes sense to you, because I don't understand most of it. Wright State… that's in Indiana, right? I really don't know, and I'm from the Midwest. Until 10 minutes ago I had no idea that their nickname was the Raiders. Or that the name "DaShaun" had been invented. Or that there was such a thing as the Horizon League.

Anyway, this is a really important story because it means that a school you've actually heard of before won't be going to the NCAA tournament, because Butler really should have been the only team to get in from the Horizon. But I guess that's why God made the NIT. 

And what's with that picture? I guess the Horizon League hands out championship belts? Yeah, that makes tons of sense. Horizon League champs. You're on top of the world. Wait, did I say "world"? I meant "shitty Midwestern conference no one cares about."

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