NXT UK Finally Has A Premiere Date, And It’s Next Week

10.11.18 9 months ago 2 Comments


We’ve known for a quite a while that WWE was looking to do a UK-based wrestling show, and for a few months we’ve know that it would be branded as NXT UK. More recently it’s even been public knowledge that they’ve been filming for the show, including a tournament at the Insomnia Gaming Festival in Birmingham to crown an NXT UK Women’s Champion. What nobody has known this whole time was exactly where and when NXT UK would air, and how soon it would premiere.

Now, thanks to a long-awaited announcement from WWE, we finally have those details. NXT UK will stream on the WWE Network on Wednesdays at 8pm United Kingdom time, beginning on October 17. That’s next Wednesday!

For those of us watching in the US, that means it will stream at 3pm Eastern Time (Noon on the West Coast). Of course, it’s also possible and likely that they’ll re-air it later, probably either at 6pm or 10pm Eastern Time, so it can double as a fourth component of the Wednesday Night wrestling block that currently includes 205 Live, NXT (Stateside edition), and the Mae Young Classic.

For fans in Britain and other parts of Western Europe, on the other hand, it’s surely going to be exciting to have weekly WWE programming that’s not only geared towards them, but airs during their prime time, instead of always being something they have to stay up late for.

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