WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 4/23/12: Wooo Three Hours Of Contract Signings

04.23.12 6 years ago 2,915 Comments


Let’s hope Brock remembers how to write!

On tonight’s show:

– No, really, that’s the only thing they’ve announced. Brock Lesnar and John Cena will be having a contract signing for a match they’ve already agreed to with stipulations that’ve already been announced. This show is gonna be three hours long.

– Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez won’t be in attendance, as they’ve been traded to Smackdown. You know, unless they appear on Raw as members of Smackdown, which is a thing that always happens.

– Heels making jokes about Detroit, like Michigan doesn’t feel badly enough already.

Poll time:

A few things to remember:

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– Be sure to listen to episode 2 of our pro wrestling podcast With Spandex. This week we talk to David “Masked Man” Shoemaker of Deadspin and Grantland fame.

– If you’re in the Austin area tonight and don’t feel like +1’ing anybody, come out to The ND and watch me try to handle a three-hour Raw for my first ever live Best and Worst-style comedy venture. If you show up to this, you are automatically my friend for life, pending you not heckling me the entire time.

Anyway, enjoy the show.

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