WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 7/15/13: Love And Friendship Are Dead

07.15.13 6 years ago 3,349 Comments

Tonight, on the probably depressing With Leather WWE Raw open discussion thread:

It was all about the “Money” in Philadelphia last night, and Damien Sandow and Randy Orton found themselves rolling in riches when they won their respective Money in the Bank Ladder Matches. With the two devious Superstars declaring open season on the World Titles, how soon before they make their plays for championship gold? And how soon before Paul Heyman faces the music with CM Punk? Here are five things to watch out for on a game-changing Raw. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. As the headline mentioned, friendship and love are dead. At Money In The Bank, Rhodes Scholars broke up, Dolph and AJ broke up (more or less) and Paul Heyman turned on CM Punk. Tonight, The Shield gets into an argument on WWE Active and decides to stop being friends.

2. John Cena will show up and be all THE CHAMP IS HERE, and somebody will show up and attack him to set up the next PPV match, because this is always what happens always always.

3. Randy Orton will exchange his briefcase for a heart, and will spend the rest of his career smiling and having a personality. Remember that time he did a jumping toe-touch and a fist pump after RKOing Mark Henry? It’ll be like that, but every episode.

4. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes will start the best feud ever. Alternately: Cody Rhodes will instantly become a WWE babyface, call Damien Sandow gay for wearing pink panties and start chopping at his own dick whilst yelling about mustache rides. One or the other.

5. The Wyatt Family is going to do something awesome. Do not let your friends be the “I don’t see what the big deal about the Wyatt Family is” or “meh, I’m underwhelmed!” guys, because stuff like this doesn’t come around every cycle.

Want to be in tomorrow’s top 10 comments? Get a bunch of +1 votes from other people. It’s easy!

Enjoy the show, everybody.

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