XFL Games Will Air On ABC, ESPN And Fox Sports In 2020


We already knew the XFL’s return to play would be a bit different than the first time Vince McMahon started a pro football league. And that now includes how you’ll be watching the games if you intend to see Alpha Entertainment’s version of football.

The XFL announced on Monday that it has partnered with Disney to put XFL games on a number of platforms when the league debuts in 2020, with games expected to air on ABC and Fox as well as ESPN and Fox Sports channels. The XFL noted that the deals are for multiple years, though the terms and lengths are not specified.

According to a release, ABC and ESPN will have the kickoff games when the league gets going next year, and games will air on ESPN and Fox Sports along with the two broadcast networks associated with those sports channels.

“We look forward to showcasing the XFL on ESPN and ABC, including the kickoff game and championship during the league’s inaugural season,” Burke Magnus, ESPN executive vice president for programming and scheduling, said in a release.

The league expects to play games back-to-back on Saturdays at 2 p.m. and air games on Sunday afternoons as well, a similar schedule to the NFL. The release indicated games will air “weekly” on ABC and Fox, “complemented” by games on cable networks, though no specifics about the schedule and which games airing on which networks was given.