06.10.08 10 years ago 25 Comments

Philadelphia fans catch a lot of grief for booing Santa Claus and, like Dwayne Wade will tell you about Rocky, he's not even real. Yankees fans, ever eager to prove they are the most surpassingly negative and stupid people in the land, decided to boo the source of all life on the planet yesterday because it was hot outside. 

Fans showed their approval today when a cloud moved in front of the sun during the fifth inning of the Yankees-Royals game. They booed moments later when the sun returned. On a day when temperatures neared the century mark over much of the eastern United States, any relief was welcome.

Considering the sun is on average 93,000,000 miles away, I'm sure it got the message. Also, it's an inanimate ball of gas, making it slightly less aware of its surroundings than Jason Giambi. Let's hope the new Yankees Stadium comes equipped with new non-moving clouds that take the shape of memorable Yankees of the past. What's that? Oh no, someone has snuck in one in the shape of a David Ortiz jersey. Heeeere we go again…

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