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It is sooooo obvious, amirite?

The dentally challenged bloke pictured above is Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas. He has played for the English Welsh national rugby team and currently is a winger for something called the Cardiff Blues. And he’s a gay man. Steeped in gayness. The funny thing is, no one really seems to give a rip, including his teammates.

Thomas came out to his closest friends three years ago, but has realized since then that by remaining in the closet he was doing no favors to himself (he once contemplated suicide), nor was he filling the role as a potential role model for other homosexual athletes.

“I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to let people know, and, to be honest, I feel anxious about people’s reactions and the effect it might have on my family.

“It’s been really tough for me, hiding who I really am, and I don’t want it to be like that for the next young person who wants to play rugby, or some frightened young kid.

“Sometimes I felt so alone and depressed. I’ve stood on so many cliff edges.” via. via.

Given that an athlete who plays the rough-and-tumble sport of rugby can announce that he is a homosexual and not be greeted by derision and alienation by his teammates certainly begs the question: when will we see someone who plays professional sports in the U.S. make the courageous decision to come out? We cannot stand idly by while those Euros show us how progressive they can be. In a way, it is our era’s Race to the Moon; except in that situation, we were competing against the Russians and were trying to land a spacecraft on the Moon. But I hope you understand where I am going with this because I certainly do not.

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