You Are The Linkman. You Are The Linkman. I Am The Walrus

09.13.10 8 years ago
    It’s officially “Sneaky Walrus Week” on With Leather. Don’t ask. Just send us links at Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

    It’s safe to say that Terry Bradshaw is not a big fan of Ben Roethlisberger.

    Mondesi’s House.

    Facebook robbery is the new Facebook piracy. I can’t wait for the upcoming wave of “Facebook jaywalking.”

    Uproxx News.

    Eleven ridiculous mustaches every guy should sport at some point in his life. The “non-ridiculous mustache” list is significantly shorter.


    Memoir of another glory-holer who thinks he’s too good for fantasy sports.

    THE Legend Of Cecilio Guante.

    Playable Pac-Man costume could use a little more Slave Leia, but it’s great for playing with yourself.


    Apparently enjoying Christina Hendricks’ breasts is not enough. We must now debate whether or not they’re real.


    Fatties make better lovers. Wait, did they mean “better” or “heavier?”

    THE Smoking Jacket.

    Come, children. Gather round while I share with you the ways of Ganja Yoga.

    Ego TV.

    The Gamer’s Alphabet: a children’s book. Coming soon: The Gamer’s Alphabet video game. Hopefully.


    Hot Fairies, as if there were any other kind. This looks familiar for some reason…


    Deep-Fried Beer was invented in Texas. We can always count on Texas.


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