You Knew This Was Coming, Kris Humphries

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12.22.11 5 Comments

"Here, you've got some drool."

The other day, I pointed out that there was a good possibility that Kris Humphries is just a big, dumb oaf who didn’t quite understand what he got himself into when he “married” Kim Kardashian a few months ago. And if his appearance on “Good Morning America” wasn’t enough evidence for you, his return to the New Jersey Nets should be all you’ll ever need.

In his first game since signing a one-year contract to inevitably be a part of a deal for Dwight Howard – *shakes fist at the heavens* – Humphries scored 0 points in just under 6 minutes of play. And if you’re wondering if New York Knicks fans were cordial with the former Mr. Kardashian, well, they were something.

Kris Humphries, who re-signed earlier Wednesday with the Nets, entered in the second quarter for his first action since his failed marriage to reality star Kim Kardashian. The forward was loudly booed every time he touched the ball in his brief stint, a reception that rivaled what LeBron James received in his first visit here last season after choosing Miami over New York.

“It’s tough, it’s a tough situation. New York fans are New York fans,” said Anthony, who attended the wedding. “I like it, to be honest with you. That’s how it should be. Our fans shouldn’t be cheering for nobody else.”

Chants of “We want Humphries! We want Humphries!” broke out in the fourth quarter, but he did not return.

“I felt like Rudy,” Humphries said.

(Via CBS Sports)

As for the booing, Humphries said, “I was so focused on the game, I couldn’t hear that.” Sure, buddy. Whatever helps you sleep.

The other day, it was reported that Nielsen Sports took a poll to determine the Most Hated Players in the NBA. Keeping in mind that LeBron James crushed the hearts of an entire city that he still calls home and Kobe Bryant may or may not have openly flaunted cheating on his wife with a smoking hot Playboy Playmate, it was actually Humphries who took the top spot on the list.

Because I like to think I’m more intelligent than people who watch E!, I do not hate Humphries because a reality show about greedy fame whores conveniently paints him in a bad light. But I’ll be damned if that stupid Rudy line isn’t hurting his cause.

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