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Say what you will about the Red Sox, but a lot of the players on the team seem to have good senses of humor — or at the very least, they're extroverted meathead simpletons.  First baseman Kevin Youkilis is no exception.

Youkilis has teamed up with… MBSB Holdings, LLC to produce a new energy drink geared towards sports fans and athletes.  SlumpBuster, a term widely recognized by athletes and fans, will be launched in the 1st quarter of ’08 with hopes of being the official energy drink of locker rooms and stadium concession stands worldwide.

…Youkilis will serve as lead spokesperson for the product. In addition, MBSB is currently working with Youk in developing “Youk’s Signature” SlumpBuster. The special edition can will be rolled out in the Northeast and Midwest, with a portion of the proceeds from “Youk’s Signature” being donated to Kevin Youkilis Hits for Kids, Kevin’s charity.

Get involved and be the first in your area to “Take Down a SlumpBuster”.

Fuck a fat chick for the children.  Great message.  It's two acts of charity for the price of one.

[Red Sox Monster

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