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09.07.11 2 Comments

Other peoples’ Morning Links are sh*t.


Louis C.K.’s Tribute to George Carlin – This is awesome. As a sheltered kid, I never really understood Carlin, and then I got to a certain age and went “wait a minute, what the f**k is my problem”. I’m going to do that with Mitch Hedberg in like a year. I’m terrible at appreciating stand-up comedy. [Warming Glow]

Film Drunk Scene Breakdown: Stone Cold – One of these days I’m going to convince Danger to write over here more and do scene breakdowns for like, quarters of football. Or episodes of SportsCenter. [Film Drunk]

20 of the Creepiest Celebrities Without Eyebrows – Angelina Jolie without eyebrows is legitimately one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever seen in my life, and a good indicator that we need to move away from Angelina Jolie as a sex symbol. Hackers Angelina Jolie, yes, God yes. Older Humanitarian Angelina Jolie, no please. [UPROXX]

The Best and Worst of WWE Raw 9/5 – I’m linking to some of our posts from yesterday in here and hiding them so you don’t notice. Please click through and check this out, because if you don’t, you’ll miss an amazing Our Gang video and a hot girl dressed as a Ninja Turtle. [With Leather]

Soulja Boy Says Sorry to Real Soldiers for Diss Song – Or as I would’ve titled it, “Soulja Boy Tell Em Sorry”. Next, Soulja Boy’s parents should apologize for accidentally creating Soulja Boy. [Smoking Section]

17 Gorgeous Black Cat Cosplay Pictures – Want to hear how weird I am? Spider-Man is my favorite comic book character ever but I always hated Mary Jane and loved Gwen Stacy. Additionally, I didn’t like Black Cat and wanted Pete to hook up with Dagger from Cloak and Dagger. Yep. [Gamma Squad]

Olivia Munn Looked Fantastic While Pretending to Play Golf for Charity – She did, and you should look at it. Meanwhile, Morgan Webb went bowling and nobody gave a sh*t. [With Leather]

Attack of the Show’s Nick Swardson Interview – Presented after the Olivia Munn link as to be Munn-related. My first question would be “Who wanted you?” Second question would be “how do I get them to stop playing Bucky Larson commercials?” [G4TV]

The 20 Worst Lines in Movie History – Needs more “too bad YOU … will die!” from Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. [Buzzfeed]

SNL’s Top 15 Sketches from the Last 3 Years – The best SNL sketch ever is “Who’s More Grizzled?”, followed closely by that one where old timey child Chris Farley falls through a hole in the ice and just cusses a lot. [FARK]

How Many People Are Eaten by Sharks in ‘Shark Night 3D’? (and 24 Other Urgent Questions) – Sara Paxton needs to start taking herself seriously. You can only appear in so many Movie Movies and Something Night 3Ds before they don’t care how pretty you are and make you work at Burger King. Same advice to Keeley from “Phil of the Future”. [Moviefone]

Meet the Dog with the Longest Ears in the World – Okay, I will do that! [Daily What]

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