Your Obligatory Masters Post

04.08.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

For non golf fans, it is just another boring tournament with guys that “aren’t athletes.” For golf fans, it is the best week of the year, mainly because it is played on the same track with the same traditions in the first major championship of the season. For some reason, it brings out the goosebumps and just the years of certain Masters flood the mind with memories; 1958, 1986, 1997.

The reason you, loyal reader, should watch the Masters this year is because of the following:

— There is an absolutely incredible chance that we will see something we’ve never seen before. A person running out on the course, screams profanities in Tiger’s backswing or even someone parachuting in. I truly believe this will happen. There are too many crazy people out there for someone not to pull the trigger (no pun intended) on some prank.

— You could see Tiger struggle on a golf course. It hardly ever happens. Get your DVR ready.

— The chance to see an up-close image of Lucas Glover’s head. I promise you, Dana Stubblefield would be impressed by the size of that melon.

— The always fun chance to play the Masters drinking game.

  • For every white belt you see, take a drink.
  • For any player playing a yellow golf ball, drink.
  • Anytime the announcer says patrons, second cut, or fairway metal, drink.
  • Anytime a player is dressed like a “Happy Gilmore” extra, drink.

Fine, you may not watch, but it is certainly going to be entertaining. I mean, for goodness sake, David Toms is leading early on Thursday! How could that not enflame your loins?

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