A Youth Soccer Coach Was Fired For Losing His Mind And Attacking A Player

Gruesome video out of Europe on Monday, as Liviu Petrache, the head coach of Romanian youth soccer team CSMS Iasi, was secretly filmed violently abusing one of his players, 16-year-old Codrin Tirisca. Petrache can be seen raining down stomps and kicks on the youngster, which, it goes without saying, is unacceptable behavior.

Once the video was released and spread around the Internet, Petrache was summarily fired. Without more context, it’s impossible to say whether or not this was a pattern of behavior or just one psychotic break, but the firing was deserved. Either way, we have a new contender for Meanest Soccer Coach.

In a statement to Romanian news service Gazeta Sporturilor, Tirisca’s father Nicolae claimed that he is undecided about pursuing legal action, but isn’t interested in “taking money” from Petrache. Gazeta Sporturilor also reports that the incident may have been related to a late-night McDonald’s run made against the coaches’ wishes, anger at which boiled over into the game. There are no good reasons to beat a child, but getting angry at a kid for sneaking some late-night junk food is like getting angry at the rain for falling; it’s just in their nature. You just have to let kids be kids sometimes.

(Via Gazeta Sporturilor)