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Zach Randolph is having a great season so far… except that he's getting sued for an alleged sexual assault that happened during the preseason, and it sounds pretty SCAN-DA-LOUUUUUUUS:

According to the suit, Randolph paid the plaintiff $500 to participate in a sex act with another woman. The other woman, identified in the suit as "AF," is a friend of the plaintiff who is a sexual partner of Randolph.

Pretty sexy, right? If you've got the money, it's a pretty wise way to spend $500. Alas, sometimes you're better off paying for professionals:

The suit says the plaintiff simulated a sex act with the woman, to the displeasure of Randolph. After the simulated act, the plaintiff, who says she got drunk at the Exotica strip club with Randolph's party before going to the hotel, fell asleep, according to the lawsuit… When she awoke, the suit alleges, she was assaulted by Randolph.

Ooh. That's unsexy. This is a civil suit (police found insufficient evidence to prosecute), so Randolph needn't worry about being a JailBlazer. But it could cost him $2 million or more, depending on jury-decided damages. Sheesh, for two million bucks, I'll have sex with a woman and let Randolph assault me afterwards.

UPDATE: As usual, TrueHoop digs a little deeper. And there's some stuff that I might want more than $2M for.

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