10 Memes That Originated from TV Shows

Most memes live and die quickly on the Internet — they’re popular until no one gives a sh*t anymore because they’ve found the next picture of an even cuter dog wearing glasses. But every so often, one will stick around for months, which in Internet terms is a lifetime, if not years. I can’t even count how high of a real-life number that is. Comedy Central has begun releasing clips from the upcoming season of “Futurama” (which is back June 20), a show that’s produced one of the most well known and long-lasting memes out there, “Not Sure If.” Along with Fry’s ever-useful indecision, here are 9 other memes that originated from TV shows.

Meme: “Stupid Ned Stark”

Episode: N/A

Use: To highlight someone doing something honorable, rather than wise or smart

Meme: “Surprise Motherf*cker”

Episode: “Born Free” (S01E12)

Use: To surprise a motherf*cker

Meme: That’s a Paddlin’

Episode: “The PTA Disbands” (S06E21)

Use: To make fun of strict rules from an unjust authority figure

Meme: “’60s Spider-Man”

Episode: N/A

Use: For plain and simple LOL’z

Meme: Super Cool Ski Instructor

Episode: “Asspen” (S06E02)

Use: To advise against hasty decisions, which will ultimately lead to a bad time


Meme: Sad Don Draper

Episode: “The Suitcase” (S04E07)

Use: For when your EMOTIONS are just TOO MUCH

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Meme: Defensively Heterosexual John Watson

Episode: “A Lady in Pink” (S01E01)

Use: For when someone does something against their sexual orientation, then gets self-conscious about it

Meme: Better Drink My Own Piss

Episode: “Kimberley, Australia” (S01E13)

Use: Situation seem hopeless when it really isn’t? Better drink your own piss.


Meme: “You Are Not the Father!”

Episode: N/A

Use: To celebrate not being the father of a human being

Meme: “Futurama Fry”

Episode: “The Lesser of Two Evils” (S02E11)

Use: For when you have a moment of indecision or can’t quite comprehend something.