Here Are 100 More Free Fake Names You Can Use In Your TV Scripts (Or To Go On The Lam)

It’s been a little over two months since I dropped my list of 100 fake names, which I gave to the world for free to be used in television scripts, screenplays, or by people who needed to disappear quickly and start a new life with a new identity. If our readers are the creative dynamos and/or international agents of intrigue that I assume them to be, all of those names have been burned through by now. Yes, even Tex Montreal and Dolly Unicycle.

But don’t worry! Here are 100 more fake names that you are free to use however and for whatever you like. My gift to you. Enjoy.

For men:

Percy Billions
Devon Bonks
Chase Friday
Red Green
Ringo Powerpuff
Arson Blaze
General Dwight D. Eisensniffer
Eddie Cigarillo
Reginald Towncar III
Casanova Valentine
Tito Amsterdam
Quincy Peyote
Maximillion Piledriver
Cal Stetson
Dracula Zero, CPA
Joey Nebulous
Fitzgerald Plopp
Bank Malone
Reverend Bernie Disaster
Reggie Kersplat
Ronald Buzzworthy
Pope Bungee IV
Leonardo DiCraprio
Flick Shazam
Lefty Wright
Travis Pineapple
Dino Milestone
Lance Olympus
Willy Bozo
Ned F. Thundersnow
Al Hat
Luigi Carbonara
Zoom LaRue
Tiny Yonkers
Winston Newport
Lexington Frankfurter
Orlando Treacherous
Basil Swarthmore
Zeke Paison
Detective Toledo Brown
Carl Pleather
Bartleby Stingray
Ichabod Knickerbocker
Trent Whiplash, Jr.
Dr. Doctor Washington
Byron Stiffarm
Vincent van Gogh-Kart
Lash Camaro
Wendell J. Plorple
Rock Feathers

For women:

Feathers Rock
Patty Technicolor
Casey Remoulade
Selena Fantastic
Supreme Court Justice Caroline Justice
Mallory Amaretto
Amber Bamber
Alexis Pufferschmidt
Ursula Dirtbike
Stoli Bombay
Tanqueray Belvedere
Angie Bitters
Princess Heloise Decathlon
Sydney Melbourne
Brittany Condor
Lacy Yarmulke
Pocahontas O’Hurley
Peggy Madagascar
Trixie Hemlock
McKayla Baloney
Rexella Flipcup, Esquire
Beatrix Cumulonimbus
Stephanie Prurient
Stiletto Jones
Joan Brickhouse
Melinda Nutstomper
Wendy Alaska
Becky Frolic
Carly Sashay
Belinda Jupiter
Cookie DiCarlo
Wanda Picasso
Marcella Futon
Athena Galapagos
Destiny Mussolini
Hope Stalin
Serenity Hitler
Bunny Tomahawk
Lana DeBarge
Jacqueline Dynasty
Veronica Hammerhead
Yolanda Flounce
Trish Skittle
Lydia Capybara
Shelley Smelly
Chloe Waverunner
Faith Peacock
Madison Calvary
Leah Kilimanjaro

For more adventures in fake namery, check out this list from Seth Morris’s Bob Ducca character, and, of course, Key & Peele. All fake name everything.

Photo credit: Shutterstock