Real-Life Pals Jon Gabrus And Adam Pally Have A Grand Ol’ Time In The ‘101 Places To Party Before You Die’ Trailer

Adam Pally is a comedian and star of The Mindy Project, Champaign ILL, and Happy Endings, one of the funniest sitcoms of the 2010s. Jon Gabrus is a podcast legend, with one of his own, High and Mighty, and guest spots on Comedy Bang Bang and Doughboys. Together, they’re the hosts of 101 Places to Party Before You Die, a truTV series about… 101 places to party before you die. If you die at party #73, that’s on you.

The real-life pals will travel across the globe to party, including stops in Maui, Moab, Miami, Puerto Rico, Portland, Richmond, Atlanta, and Denver, all on the hunt for an extremely good time. They do not make it to [fill-in-the-blank city where you went to college or won a Stewie Griffin doll from the claw machine or that time you found five bucks on the sidewalk and spent it on a really good sandwich], but I’m sure that’s a fun place to party, too. Maybe next season. Please let there be a next season.

Based on the trailer above, 101 Places to Party Before You Die will mainly consist of drinking, taking drugs, more drinking, eating, and even more drinking. If this show is still on when Gabrus and Pally are in their 60s, an entire season could take place at a Margaritaville resort. The “55 and better” community? They know how to party.

101 Places to Party Before You Die premieres on truTV on July 14.