An 11-Year-Old Girl Adorably Sent BJ Novak A List Of Life Lessons She Learned By Watching ‘The Office’

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BJ Novak posted this letter on his Instagram that he supposedly received from an 11-year-old Portland girl named Olivia, titled Life Lessons I Learned From My Favorite Episodes of The Office. At the bottom she writes: “Watching The Office will be a great memory for me because of all the great characters and laughs and the time my dad and I spent watching it together. Thank you!” Aww. So, you know, best dad ever?


Judging by the list of her favorites, it looks like Olivia and her dad have just made it through Season Five at the time she wrote the letter. If she actually makes it all the way through Season Nine, I’d bet the biggest life lesson of them all she’ll take away by watching The Office is: Quit while you’re ahead.

Via The Huffington Post