Here's A 1988 New York Times Story On 'Apartment Gypsies' Featuring Aspiring Actor 'Jim' Gandolfini

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We’re still reeling from the news of James Gandolfini’s passing earlier today. With all of the outpouring of support has come a few heartwarming gems to get everyone through the shock.

The first gem is a 25-year-old New York Times article about “apartment gypsies” who jump from apartment to apartment in the city. One artist is a young “Jim” Gandolfini. Just read:

Then there is Jim Gandolfini, who seems to thrive on the apartment-hopping life. Since moving to New York City four years ago, Mr. Gandolfini, 26 years old, has never had his name on a lease, never paid more than $400 a month in rent and never lived in one place more than 10 months. His wanderer’s existence has given him sojourns, some as brief as two months, in Hoboken, N.J.; Astoria, Queens; Clinton and the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and Park Slope and Flatbush in Brooklyn.

”MOVING, to me, is no big deal,” said Mr. Gandolfini, whose calling is the theater but whose living comes mostly from bartending and construction. ”I have a system down. I throw everything in plastic garbage bags and can be situated in my new place in minutes. Without my name on a lease, I’m in and out. I have no responsibilities.”

It’s pretty fascinating to see Gandolfini as a young, aspiring actor and to see how far he’s come. There’s no way you’re not feeling inspired, right?

Also, here’s a picture via the DCeiver tumblr from the famous Holsten’s restaurant from the Sopranos paying homage to Tony and the crew.


(Gandolfini Pic via Shutterstock)

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