20 Brilliant GIFs You Can Use in the Uproxx 'Mad Men' Discussion Posts

“Mad Men” returned last night, and a few days ago, the staff of Warming Glow and the staff of Uproxx engaged in an epic wet T-shirt/mud wrastlin’ contest to see which Sunday night shows we’d get to talk about on our respective sites. Danger won by luring Cajun Boy into a false sense of security with an Urkel dance and then broke out Ric Flair’s Figure Four lock with a Tupac Death twist, and Warming Glow got dibs on “Game of Thrones.” Uproxx lost only their dignity, because they still get the honor of running discussion posts on “Mad Men” each week (and we’ll stop by and hang out over there during the discussion hour, as well).

The cool thing about all Uproxx discussion posts is that a select few folks can embed YouTube clips and GIFs to help the discussion along. If you have those privileges, this post is designed to help you along in this endeavor, I thought we’d give you a handy post from which you can pull an appropriate “Mad Men” GIF for every occasion. Simply right click, copy link URL, and paste into the appropriate field in your Uproxx comment, and you, too, can express you masturbatory intent through the magic of Jon Hamm’s perpetual GIF wank.

You’re welcome.

And if you don’t yet have privileges, discussion posts are the best place to impress us with your wit and knowledge. So, head over to the Uproxx discussion and leave your bon mots of wit and wisdom, or your best Joan Allen boob joke. Either way, the following slideshow should provide your eyeballs with SECONDS of “Mad Men” pleasure or, at the very least, give you a grand mal seizure. It’s a win win.