20 Reasons Why Moira O'Hara May Be the Sexiest Character on Television

There’s been several new casting developments over the last week on Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story.” Let me just get this out of the way first, so you know where I stand: I panned the pilot back in October calling it a “cocked-up, senseless, sh*tty wet-dream nightmare of camp and stomach-pit revulsion.” But morbid curiosity got the better of me, so I watched the second episode. And the third, and the fourth, and before I knew it, that damn show had hooked me. I didn’t think that Murphy could sustain the show an entire season, much less multiple seasons, but hell if he didn’t succeed. The lapses in logic and the pure batsh*ttery made it all the more entertaining.

I was right about him sustaining it for a second season, though. It turns out, however, that he doesn’t have to. Ryan Murphy is pulling a neat little con by starting all over, turning the second season into another horror story, this one set in a mental institution, and bringing back several of the actors from the first series, who will be in completely different roles. Foremost among them is Jessica Lange, the true standout of the first season. The second season will now revolve around her. Zachary Quinto will also be returning, along with Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe, each playing different characters in a different story.

However, there is ONE cast member who is not returning — or at least, it hasn’t been announced, so far. That’s Alexendra Breckenridge, who is basically the FX network’s version of Christina Hendricks. People, she is insane. Is she her character, Young Moira O’Hara, sexier than Joan Allen or Annie Edison? Don’t answer that question just yet. Check out the GIF slideshow, and then report back on your findings.