All The ‘Workaholics’ Quotes You Should Be Using In Everyday Conversation

Our favorite stoner telemarketers over on Comedy Central’s Workaholics have been spouting off hilarious quotable lines — all while reinventing the English lexicon as we know it — for four seasons now. In honor of Adam DeVine turning the big 31 today, and the fifth season’s January premiere approaching rapidly, I’ve gathered a bunch of the Workaholics quotes we should all be using in everyday conversation — so let’s get weird, braj!

“Let’s get weird.” — Various

Everyday use: When it’s time to party.

“Loose butthole.” — Adam

Everyday use: When something isn’t up to par.

“S’go.” — Various

Everyday use: When your friends need to get a move on.

“Braj.” — Blake, Various

Everyday use: When someone is more than just a bro.

“You only YOLO once.” — Adam

Everyday use: When you’re aware of how dumb the American lexicon has become.

“Cats are kids. Kiddens.” — Jillian

Everyday use: When the conversation turns to parenting.

“Fur sure!” — Blake

Everyday use: When everything sounds good!

“Let’s go smoke weed about it.” — Adam

Everyday use: When you’re in desperate need of a brainstorming session.

“DANG, what’s up with all deez books?” — Anders

Everyday use: When you walk in on someone reading.

“You wanna smerk a berl?” — Various

Everyday use: When you need to be secretive about your hobbies.

“Take it sleazy.” — Adam

Everyday use: When “take it easy” just isn’t quite enough.

“Let’s do it for the dinosaurs.” — Adam

Everyday use: When you have good intentions.

“This is the USA. ‘Characters welcome’ is our country’s motto.” — Adam

Everyday use: When you feeling ironically patriotic.

“Catherine Zeta Jones. She dips beneath the lasers.” — Adam

Everyday use: When you’re feeling nostalgic.

“Some people call me ‘Cool Eric.’ They called me that once.” — Eric

Everyday use: When you need to validate yourself.

“Throw the flag and push me back ten yards, cuz I’m holding.” — Topher

Everyday use: When the punishment fits the crime.

“You’re smoking brownies and you’re eating weed?” — Karl

Everyday use: When you’ve been betrayed.

“If we don’t learn from History Channel, we are doomed to repeat History Channel.” — Blake

Everyday use: When people need to learn from their mistakes.

“You’re not Leonardo! You’re that punk bitch Danny!” — Adam

Everyday use: When your friends aren’t acting like themselves..

“If you don’t want to date me, that’s fine, I get that, but you’re wrong and I hate you.” — Adam

Everyday use: When you get shot down.