5 More Places You May Have Seen Sarah Clarke, The ’24’ Actress Jon Hamm Went To Prom With

In their younger days, Jon Hamm and Paul Rudd fought over Sarah Clarke’s heart. Ultimately, Hamm won and took her to prom. But, her face is so recognizable, that it’s hard to put your finger on just where else she’s been besides 24. So let’s take a look at some other places you’ve said, “Oh hey, that’s the woman from 24!”

1. Renée in the Twilight franchise

She played Bella Swan’s mother in the popular film franchise (which might’ve also been the worst in the history of moving pictures). It’s a good thing she could turn awful dialogue into something not completely terrible. Because it was terrible.

I mean, someone filmed that. Thankfully Clarke was off-screen and won’t have to explain that one to the Grandkids. Actually, it might be best just not to mention her involvement altogether.

2. Marla Jameson in The Tomorrow People

It’s probable that you recognize the name of the show from The CW or from the earlier version that came before it. She plays the mother of a powerful tomorrow person who can stop time, move stuff with his mind, and teleport. Like the Twilight series, she brings credibility to often poorly-written scripts, and no clear character plot or character development. It made me feel like when I watched the WWE when I was a kid and thought, “Wait, so The Rock is a good guy now? But, no, wait, is he bad again in the same Monday Night Raw? I’m out.”

3. Lena Smith in USA’s Covert Affairs

In the show that stars Piper Perabo (yeah, the girl from Coyote Ugly) as a CIA secret agent that can fight and conduct espionage, Sarah Clarke showed up in season three as the main character’s supervisor. She’s critical of Piper Perabo’s character because of her having to be saved by other people a few times in every episode and ends up getting praise. It’s basically like Inspector Gadget, with a few obvious changes.

4. Carly Forlano on House

Clarke guest-starred on season 1 episode 14 of House as a CEO that has leg pain. House, as usual, nearly kills her a few times before he has the trademark epiphany at the end where he breaks the rules and saves her life. I mean, if you’ve watched the show, all I had to do is say the name “House” and you could summarize the episode and change the character’s name and illness.

She was swell in it, though.

5. Dory in Men of a Certain Age

Remember that show with Ray Romano, Scott Bakula, and Captain Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Clarke guest-starred on five episodes. Ray Romano’s character went on his first date in 20 years with Clarke’s character. I’m just going to throw out a guess that the date was awkward, yet charmingly amusing.

(Via IMDb)