Let’s Relive The Best Moments From ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 3

If you’re looking to launch into a Breaking Bad rewatch or if you’ve been debating whether or not you want to finally give in to social pressure and binge watch the show for the first time, please allow us to take you through some of the key moments from Breaking Bad‘s third season, as we have for the first season and the second season.

Saving Chow

Mike Ehrmantraut has a very particular set of skills, and those skills are why he’s never out of a job. Mike effortlessly puts those skills on display here as he outsmarts multiple cartel gunmen with little to no effort.

Hank closes in

Hank was a more than capable DEA agent. Which was displayed when he tracked down the RV Walt and Jesse once used to cook the purest meth that Albuquerque, New Mexico, had ever seen.

Fury of the fly

For one episode, Breaking Bad stepped away from the suspenseful and emotional roller coasters that were the norm and took a turn toward the light-hearted. When Walt and Jesse couldn’t risk starting a cook with a housefly buzzing around due to the risk of contamination, they spent the entire day trying to kill it in this celebrated “bottle episode”.

The silent twins

For a while, now, Tuco’s twin cousins have been making their way into town to settle a personal vendetta with Heisenberg. It complicates things so much, that Gus gets caught up in the silent Hurricane Salamanca.

Making a house a home

After years of spurning their son, Jesse’s parents sold his aunt’s house (where he had been living for awhile)  to someone that they never even met. Much to their surprise, as they were moving out, Jesse walked up with the keys for the burn of a lifetime.

“No more half measures, Walter.”

Season three made Mike one of the most well-received characters in the history of this show. On one hand, it was because of his skills as an enforcer, but on the other, scenes like this monologue showed that he has always been a man with a strict moral code.

Gale gets in the way

After seeing the success of putting the mind of a true chemic, like Walt, towards crystal meth, Gus figured it would be best to use two. Thus introducing Gale Boetticher as Walt’s assistant.

High-flying pizza

Walt’s attempt to get back in his family’s good graces after Skyler asked for a divorce involved a family-sized pepperoni pizza. But after getting the door shut in his face, he threw it onto his own roof in a fit of anger. This scene was so popular that fans of the show still go to this house and throw pizza on the roof. Which is kind of a dick move, if you ask me.

Heading into season four

Welcome to the big leagues, gents. After paying their dues – and then some – Walt and Jesse will see their workload grow to yet another level after seeing how the high-level dealers get things done. But we wouldn’t have a show if that didn’t lead to a whole new set of problems that need to be resolved, would we?

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