8 Times TV’s Sweetest Girl Next Door, Jenna Fischer, Showed Off Her Wild Side

Pam Beesly is TV’s quintessential girl next door. For nine seasons on The Office, Pam, as played by Jenna Fischer, was buttoned up (literally and figuratively), sweet, and someone who nearly everyone in the office had a crush on at one point. She was about as nice as they come, expect for the scenes where she showed off her wild side, especially in the later seasons. Today is Fischer’s 40th birthday, so let’s take a look at some of her more carefree moments, as both Pam ( > Jim) and her other characters. Let’s do it.

1. When she was REALLY happy to win a Dundie.

2. When she helped prank Dwight with Jim, including communicating in Morse code.

3. When she took a risk, and joined the Michael Scott Paper Company.

4. When she was the only one brave enough to cross the fire pit in “Beach Games.”

5. When she did something season one Pam never would: a mid-office thrust.

6. When she posed for Wired.

7. When Darlene invited Dewey Cox to come into her backdoor.

8. When she was the only good thing about Blades of Glory.

Whoa, indeed.