89-Year-Old Elaine Stritch Said ‘F*ck’ On ‘The Today Show,’ Because She’s Elaine Stritch

Senior Pop Culture Editor
02.18.14 6 Comments


The best thing about being an 89-year-old famous person is that you can pretty much do whatever you want. Wear glasses the size of a tuna can? Sure. Always get the last word? Of course. Go on the Today Show and say “f*ck”? Obviously. Elaine Stritch, best known ’round these parts for her role as Jack Donaghy’s overbearing mother Colleen on 30 Rock, dropped by Kathie Lee & Hoda’s Drink Our Sorrows Gab-Fest this morning to discuss a documentary about her life, when she dropped a well-placed f-bomb.

“Think and f*ck.” That’s also the Donaghy family motto.

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