‘9-1-1’ Is Getting A Spin-Off That Will Star Rob Lowe

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A lot of shows got killed during last week’s “Black Friday,” but not everything is about death and destruction. Sometimes it’s about new life. To wit: 9-1-1, the hit first responders show that features things like a “freeway shark,” has birthed its own spin-off. And it will boast the one-time Chris Traeger.

As per Deadline is reporting, the show, called 9-1-1: Lone Star, will star Rob Lowe as a New York cop who relocates to Texas. Yes, that title has two meanings, the other being that it will mostly revolve around a single character rather than a group of police officers, paramedics, firefighters, and miscellaneous dispatchers called out to the often over-the-top emergencies so beloved by co-creator Ryan Murphy.

Lowe’s character will apparently spend a lot of his time trying to balance work and home life, having dragged his son all the way down to Austin, far from thrilling (and possibly tricky to film in) NYC. The original 9-1-1 takes place in Los Angeles, so this is clearly laying track for a 9-1-1 televisual universe.

Still, don’t expect to be bingeing 9-1-1: Lone Star in the fall. Deadline speculates that it likely won’t bow until January, just as the original show did back in 2018. By that time humanity will almost certainly have moved on from the controversial joke tweet its star made about Elizabeth Warren’s alleged Native American ancestry back in February — a viral doozy that you probably already forgot ever happened.

(Via Deadline)

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