90210 Update: Priestley and Perry to Make TV Western

07.27.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

Image credit: TimelyGayJokes.com

Hollywood heavyweights Luke Perry (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Jason Priestley (“Love Monkey,” “Tru Calling”) will combine their talents to make an original film for Hallmark Movie Channel called Goodnight for Justice. Perry will star and executive produce, while Priestley will direct.

The Western is based on an idea by Perry who I hear envisioned it as a series of 3 movies. Set in the American Old West, it centers on John Goodnight (Perry) a circuit judge on a quest to catch the outlaw who killed his family. [Deadline]

A lawman seeking revenge? Pretty novel concept for a Western. Strangely enough, Priestley directed a 1995 episode of “90210” called “The Real McCoy,” in which…

Hypnotic regression leads Dylan to a past life where he is Billy McCoy, a gun-slinging outlaw in the Wild West, until he meets an upper-class woman (in the form of Kelly) to redeem his outlaw ways. [IMDb]

Let that also be a reminder — for any of you who like to be nostalgic about old shows — that anything beyond the first three or four seasons of “90210” sucked out loud. But you have to wonder: did past-life Kelly also lose her virginity by getting raped? It was the Old West, so I’d assume yes.

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