A Hidden Clue May Provide Evidence Pointing Toward The ‘True Detective’ Killer


Three episodes into this season of True Detective, the mystery surrounding the identity of Ben Caspere’s killer is getting very interesting. We know several things about him, so far. He wears a bird mask. He drove a stolen brown Cadillac, and he murdered the Vinci city manager, Ben Caspere, at his hidden sex dungeon in Hollywood.

Now we may know that he also may be tied to the production of the film, Got It in One. We already know that the Cadillac was stolen from the set of Got It in One, where this guy recently quit as a driver.

Someone wearing a mask also set the brown Cadillac on fire outside of that guy’s house, leading to a footrace between Ani and Ray and the presumed killer of Ben Caspere.

Here’s something else that connects him to the movie, Got It in One: A very eagle-eyed Uproxx reader, John D., sent along a tip showing that the mask the killer wore was also seen on the movie set.

Can you see it there on the right?

Look familiar?

That would seem to limit the potential suspects to those involved with the film. Note, also, that Ashley Daison — the director of the movie — also partied with Caspere, and by that, I mean: He attended orgies with him.

Daison and Caspere attended the party in search of investors in the film, which Caspere was a producer on. How did he land that producer’s credit? Is it possible that Frank Semyon’s $5 million ended up in the coffers of the Got It in One production?

Maybe. Would that implicate Daison? Maybe. It at least makes him a suspect. He drinks a lot. Has a bad memory. Parties with Caspere. He may have partied in Caspere’s sex dungeon, potentially putting him on the secret web cam, and he may have needed money for the film, which Caspere had at the time.

It’s also interesting that Ben Caspere’s assistant at the city manager’s office just HAPPENED to be on the set of the film that day “collecting tax documents.” Therefore, she at least knows that Ray and Ani were closing in on the stolen car.

Note also that the set photographer crossed paths with and furtively glanced back at the assistant as she walked toward Ray and Ani for their interview.

More food for thought, and another potential piece or two in the True Detective puzzle.

In the meantime, it may also be worth noting that if the director on the movie set was a nod toward the feud between Nic Pizzolatto and Cary Fukunaga — as Vulture has pointed out — that the two producer’s chairs with no one sitting in them in the above screenshot may — as John D. pointed out — be a nod to Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, who are producers on Season 2 of True Detective despite doing no actual work on the show.

via Vulture, and thanks, John D.!