A Metal Band Made A Nice Song About Anderson Cooper

I’ve never heard of the Cryptic Murmurs prior to today, and I’m guessing you haven’t either, but I have to tip my cap to them for the stroke of marketing genius that inspired them to make a song about Anderson Cooper. The formula is simple: make a song about Anderson Cooper, increase your chances of getting mentioned on his show dramatically. It’s a sure fire formula for success that I’m sure dozens of aspiring rappers will soon imitate.

That said, the song they made isn’t terrible and it’s filled with some pretty fun lyrics. The moneyshot: “Stole his hair from the main of Pegasus.” That’s some inspiring sh*t right there, folks. Enjoy…

And here, via their Facebook page, are the Cryptic Murmurs doing their thing…

They look like nice boys, don’t they? Nice boys who probably watch Anderson Cooper’s show, and we all know that that’s as metal as it gets.

(Via TVNewser)