A Scientific Investigation Into Who Farted During The Cold Open In ‘SNL’s Season Finale

Listen closely to the clip above right at the 1:32 mark, when Leslie Jones says, “And I’m going to Spain.” It’s undeniable. Someone in that scene farted. Listen again. Did you hear it that time? There was definitely a fart.

The question is, who, and now that Mad Men is over, and I have nothing left to over-analyze, I’m forced to figure out this very question. Let us examine the evidence.

Exhibit A: Here is a screenshot at the exact moment of impact.

Based on that screen shot, I think we can at least rule out Cecily Strong, who is clearly “the smeller” and not the “feller” in the above scenario. Bobby Moynihan has a satisfied look on his face, but it sounds like it’s clearly coming from the right side of the table.

Of course, Kate McKinnon is pointing at Leslie Jones in that moment, and Jones does have a look of mortification on her face. But look closer at Kenan Thompson: There’s both a clear shift in his posture, as well as a small sense of relief.

Let’s investigate further.

Exhibit B: Two seconds before detonation.

Having narrowed it down to either Thompson or Jones, a screenshot from two seconds prior to the fart isn’t exactly conclusive, either. Jones has a look and posture that says she may rip one off momentarily, while Thompson has a look of fear, as though he’s afraid he’s about to let one slip out.

We need more evidence.

Exhibit C: The post-fart screenshot.

I think that this screenshot is conclusive. Check out the clear look of guilt on Thompson’s face and combine that with Jones’ look of accusation toward Thompson. She’s clearly eyeing Thompson with a look that says, “Dude. WTF did you just do? Did you just fart on national television during a live sketch?” Thompson, meanwhile, looks apologetic.

Verdict: Kenan Thompson.

So, there you are, folks. We have concluded with 98 percent certainty based on the preponderance of evidence that it was, indeed, Kenan Thompson who let one rip during SNL‘s cold open this weekend.

via Reddit