A Tale of Two Pilots

05.18.10 9 years ago 17 Comments

Above is the trailer for “Running Wilde,” a Fox sitcom from “Arrested Development” creator Mitch Hurwitz that stars Will Arnett as a self-involved Hollywood tycoon and Keri Russell as the well-meaning woman who tries to change him for the better. I happen to think it looks good, because I like Arnett’s oily charm and jokes about tiny horses.

In contrast, below is the trailer for Paul Reiser’s new show, which was picked up by NBC. Here’s what he says to introduce the show:

Okay, this actually happened. Woman comes up to me. She says, “Hey! You’re, um, that guy! That guy from that show! With the girl! Oh, we used to love that show.” I said, “Thank you.” And she says, “You, you look exactly the same. Maybe a little fatter.” [*exasperated face at camera*] This is my life now.

Do you get it? It’s funny because our bodies decay as we age. Reiser goes on to describe his “life” — two kids with a predictably much-more-attractive sitcom wife — and how his friends are his wife’s friends’ husbands instead of men of his own choosing. Probably because no one would actually be friends with Paul Reiser. Except Jay Leno, of course.

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