A Bunch Of Great Animated And Adult Swim Shows (And 'Dallas'!) Will Soon Be Added To Netflix

Little known fact: in Internet terms, “bunch” means “exactly 10,” which is convenient for this post, considering that’s how many Turner Broadcasting and Warner Bros. Television Group shows will be added to Netflix between now and January 2014. In less highfalutin speak: Adventure Time and Childrens Hospital, whenever you want them.

Beginning March 30, 2013, complete past seasons of such great Cartoon Network shows as Adventure Time, Ben 10, Regular Show, Johnny Bravo, Warner Bros. Animation’s Green Lantern will become available on the popular “Just for Kids” section of the world’s leading Internet TV subscription service.

At the same time, Adult Swim shows, such as Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sony Pictures Television’s The Boondocks and the Emmy®-winning Childrens Hospital from WBTVG’s Studio 2.0, will be made available…Coming exclusively to Netflix in January 2014 will be season one and two of the critically acclaimed Warner Horizon Television-produced TNT series Dallas. (Via)

I’m very happy that Space Ghost Coast to Coast isn’t one of the Instant additions, because I occasionally like to leave my bedroom, go outside, and do whatever it is people do when they’re “enjoying” fresh air. Something about sunshine, maybe? (I’m currently in the middle of a Larry Sanders Show binge session; my Halloween pumpkin looks like an old baseball mitt glazed with blue cheese.) But if Space Ghost is ever available 24/7 via streaming, I’m done. That would be the end of me. If I’m not watching the episode with the Ramones, who will?

(Via Deadline)