Aaron Paul Claims ‘BoJack Horseman’ Is Ending Because Netflix Said So

Friday ended a wild week out on a bittersweet note: BoJack Horseman, the Netflix animated comedy about a self-hating, alcoholic former TV star who’s also a talking horse in a world of anthropomorphized animals, was coming to an end. It was reported that the decision came from creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg — that he decided, perhaps rightly, that the time had come for Will Arnett’s BoJack and his struggles with addiction and depression to find a note of closure. But according to one of its stars, the decision allegedly came from on high.

As per Entertainment Weekly, Aaron Paul — who voices Todd, BoJack’s layabout former roommate and serial madcap inventor of things like the fawaffle and “smoodies,” the mood you can drink, and is also one of the show’s executive producers — was responding to a distraught fan, who had told him over Twitter that the show was the “only thing keeping him together.” Paul responded by saying they’d all had a “wonderful time” making the show, but that “sadly Netflix thought it was time to close the curtains.” He added, “Nothing we could do about it.”

Netflix has a history of cancelling shows seemingly at random; they only publicize their ratings when they have (alleged) huge hits, like Bird Box and the Adam Sandler-Jennifer Aniston comedy Murder Mystery, so there’s no way to prove shows are underperforming. When they up and cancelled the Latinx reboot of the Norman Lear classic One Day at a Time, there was a huge uproar, and its huge fanbase was able to get the show picked up, in a slightly retooled version with commercials and shorter episode runtimes, on Pop.

Is BoJack the latest victim of Netflix’s infamous blood lust? The streaming giant has yet to comment on Paul’s claim. Speaking of dead shows, Netflix seems to have had it out for Bob-Waksberg in 2019: Earlier this year they suddenly axed his other animate comedy, Tuca & Bertie, after only one season. Anyway, enjoy BoJack’s final attempts to be a better horse-person when the show returns, in a split final season, first on October 25, then for the final-final time on January 31.

(Via EW)