Aaron Paul Leaves The Best Advice When Autographing Napkins At Carrabba's

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09.03.13 14 Comments


Aaron Paul did all the acting on Sunday night, and as much as I love him for “Mr. White’s gay for me, everybody knows that,” it’s the guy’s constant interaction with and appreciation of Breaking Bad fans that makes me gay for him. He seemingly just couldn’t be less self-important.

Take for example when he just recently dined at a Carrabba’s in Beaumont, TX (where he’s currently filming a movie) and found out that his server was a big Breaking Bad so he left this signed napkin chocked full of good life advice.


I mean dude not only leaves personalized notes identifying himself as “Jesse Pinkman” for the person who served him at Carrabba’s but he also underlines “Don’t Do Meth” because, well, that’s probably something that needs to be emphasized in Beaumont, TX.

Via r/BreakingBad

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