Aaron Paul Photobombed A Couple’s Coachella Selfie, ‘Where’s Waldo?’ Style

04.14.14 3 Comments


Finally providing us with an answer to the question that has been puzzling scholars for eons, “What is the most Aaron Paul thing possible?,” former Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul photobombed a Redditor’s Coachella selfie yesterday. See him back there, in the fedora and sunglasses, doing the double thumbs up, presumably yelling “[something], BITCH” at the top of his lungs? Yup, there he is. Heeeeeeyyyyyy buddy.

I don’t know why I’m being so snotty about this. Fedora aside, there’s really no reason to. Aaron Paul seems to genuinely enjoy both life and living very, very much, so if he wants to travel the world popping up in the background of strangers’ selfies at newsworthy events like a cross between Forrest Gump, Carmen Sandiego, and Waldo from Where’s Waldo?, who the hell am I to judge?

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