ABC President Ousted for Sucking, Being an A-Hole

07.28.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

ABC president Steve McPherson (right), who oversaw the network as it lost more total viewers than any other network from 2006-09, “resigned” last night. (*cough* FIRED! *cough cough*) Paul Lee, that weird-lookin’ fruitcake on the left, will take the reigns of the network after being promoted from his position as head of ABC Family. The dog with sunglasses? He’s just there to add some flavor.

It couldn’t have been easy getting rid of McPherson, seeing as how he’s such a nice guy:

Known as an intense competitor, McPherson is famously abrasive and is universally regarded as one of the most disagreeable executives in Hollywood. He has icy relationships with producers, talent agents, and even the stars on his own shows, and there were many people within the Magic Kingdom and outside its walls who would love to see him fail. And that meant that the pressure was on McPherson, known for expletive-laced outbursts and an inability to take criticism. [The Daily Beast]

I’m sympathetic to McPherson, because way too many people out there are little pussies who go crying to anyone who will listen after they get their precious little feelings hurt. But if you’re going to be an A-hole, you need to produce results. And not the “Hank” kind of results.

So now Fruity McBadtouch gets a shot at trying to make the next “Lost.” Somehow I don’t think he’s going to cancel “Grey’s Anatomy” and replace it with monster truck rallies.

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