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(Ken Jennings blows up Nakatomi Tower)

ABC has ordered a new game show for summer that reaches new heights of stupidity. I understand that that metaphor makes no sense, but it’s the kind of metaphor you have to deal with when a completely typical game show is placed… on top of a skyscraper!

In “Downfall,” players answer trivia questions on top of a skyscraper in a major metropolitan city for $1 million in cash and prizes. If they lose, the contestants risk seeing their winnings go off the side of the building. The players might also take a controlled plunge, though that part is still being worked out.

“‘Downfall’ is a new, hybrid, high-stakes field game show where fearless contestants have to fight and focus hard to keep their winnings from falling off the side of a building,” executive producer Scott St. John said. [THR]

But what happens to the winnings? Will they fall off the side of the building? Will the losers be attached to safety lines and sent plunging after the falling dollars? That part is still being worked out.

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