The Adam Scott/2 Chainz Collaboration You’ve Been Waiting For Is Here In The Form Of A Super Bowl Commercial

Super Bowl commercials present rare opportunities for the most unlikely of collaborations. Ahead of this Sunday’s game, we’ve already seen Steve Carrell failing to impersonate Cardi B and Lil Jon for Pepsi, along with the return of The Dude while he shares a Stella Artois beer with Carrie Bradshaw. Yet the oddest (?) collaboration so far has arrived in Expensify’s new Super Bowl TV spot. Above, you can see Adam Scott and 2 Chainz teaming up in a sort-of interactive 30-second commercial for the expense management software app company. It. Is. Something.

The ad begins like a music video with 2 Chainz rapping alongside an ice car adorned with a seafood tower. Then Scott, who plays a record label’s head of finance, advises the rapper to save all his paper receipts for reimbursement purposes. No need, responds 2 Chainz — he’s got Expensify on his phone. In addition, the commercial will be interactive (thanks, Bandersnatch!) in the sense that (until February 3) viewers can scan the “receipt” that 2 Chainz holds for his ice car and enter it into the Expensify app for a chance to win over $200,000 (the value of the ice car). Other scannable receipts can be found for the gold jetski, peach emoji sculpture, and more.

Would you be surprised to learn that this Super Bowl ad is actually Expensify’s first ad to air on TV? Well, probably not, but the ad will potentially reach over 100 million eyeballs this weekend during the game’s 2nd quarter, and here’s the 60-second, online-only version of the commercial. Happy scanning.